About the Film

Aliyah Le Berlin

The next chapter of Jewish life in Berlin has begun.

It’s 2014 and Judaic and Hebraic cultures are going through a renaissance in Berlin. A surge of Israeli immigration over the past several years, coupled with Jews arriving in Berlin from all over Europe, has created a large, vibrant community. This community does not fear exposure, history or life. They practice their faith with open arms to the world, asking where, as Jews, they’ve been and where they are going. Israelis bring their food, music and art to a welcoming Berlin. The effect of this movement of people has left an indelible reverberation on Jewish life as a whole.

What sets Aliyah Le Berlin apart from other documentaries about Jewish life in Germany is that rather than looking backwards to answer questions about then and now, we aim, while respecting the vast history of Judaism in Berlin, to look at the present and future.

Who is here today? Where do they come from? What brings them to modern Berlin? How do they express their Israeli identity while living as Berliners? How are they building toward their future? How is this community of self-described outcasts rebuilding themselves as people and as Jews?

To date, Aliyah Le Berlin has completed 90% of its principal photography. We feel honored by the love and support the film has received and are lucky to be working with great individuals in front of the camera and behind it. As we seek partnership to support post-production of the film, we look forward to sharing this story with audiences worldwide.

Stay tuned for new film clips and photos from the road–and thanks for visiting!

-The ALB Team


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